Learn About Beads By Katrina!

Beads by Katrina specializes in handmade polymer clay bead jewelry. Each bead is unique and handmade with polymer clay by myself. The designs are my own and created using special techniques, including the labor intensive millefiori/caning technique so the designs are a part of the clay beads and not painted! I strive to create the best jewelry possible by using only high quality materials such as premium brand polymer clay, genuine Swarovski crystal accent beads, select rhinestone encrusted pave beads, and sterling silver earring backings. My designs may be imitated but my quality and price will never be replicated!

You can find many of my designs here but to see even more be sure to visit my Etsy Shop! You can order there or you can email me at beadsbykatrina@yahoo.com and I can send you a PayPal invoice! Shipping is free in the US and only $10 for international. Happy Shopping!

-Katrina, owner of Beads By Katrina


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